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Appalachian & Ohio Railroad  
Rail & Tie Changeout

Project Name: Appalachian & Ohio Railroad Rail & Tie Changeout

Owner: P&L Railway Inc.

Location: Burnsville, WV

Duration: 2 Months

Completion Date: May, 2015

Frontier's production rail and tie gangs consistently outperform when it comes to quality and efficiency.  The 2015 Rail & Tie Capital Program performed for the A&O Railroad, a shortline in WV, highlights our ability keep our customers tracks in service on time and within budget.

Services Provided:

  • Track Rehabilitation

    • Wood Tie Replacement: 10,000 EA

    • Rail Replacement: 11,000 LF

  • Switch Timber Replacement

  • Surfacing

  • Gauging

  • Thermite Welding

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